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The noble elite (1100-1848) was brown and black of complexion and self-identified as Black, with heraldic Moors and Black Madonna's who had classical African facial traits. Many Black Madonna's today are copies of statuettes that were destroyed around the French Revolution (1789-1794). They were rightly perceived as symbols of the hated Ancien Regime. Racism was invented as a liberation ideology against the nobility (1760), while the equally brown and black complexioned bourgeoisie identified as (black) Caucasian, to make a political alliance with the white majority. Race is a social construct. After the French Revolution, they deceived the whites, who had to fight on till 1848 to get equality during the Final Revolutions. Then they altered all portraits of the brown and black faced Ancien regime to white with beige and pink over paint.

From the researches of Ella Rozett @ Index of Black Maodnnas Worldwide

Our Lady of Good Deliverance,
Neuilly near Paris, 14th C.
variation on 11th C. original

Romanesque Madonna of Chastreix,
Puy-de-Dome, France
Photo: Francis Debaisieux

Our Lady of Meymac,
France, 12th century

Our Lady of Le Puy
photo: Francis Debaisieux
France, reproduction, because
the original was burnt during
the revolution, like witches on
public execution pyres, to cries
of: "Death to the Egyptian!"

Our Lady of the Good Death (Notre Dame de la Bonne Mort),
12th century, Clermont-Ferrand, France,
discovered in 1972 in the mortuary chapel of a bishop.

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