vrijdag 29 april 2011


Obama white

Obama Black


My Blue Blood is Black Blood (1500-1789)theory introduces a new way of looking at historical portraits. We have written proof that a historical person was black of skin, yet we are shown a white portrait. We know that the elite would paint itself white, the practice of enamelling, still these persons are presented as white looking. So we start with Obama who everyone knows to be a Black man with brown skin. So we understand that a whitened portrait does not proof a person to be white. Such authentic whitened portraits were used in a propogandistic way, and are today used as part of the revisionism of history to hide that the ancien regime was a Black regime. The system was like Reversed apartheid and the royal and noble elite was a fixed mulatto race, from very light skinned to very dark. Some had Classic African facial traits.

Charles II Stuart, Black

Charles II Stuart, white

Francois de la Noue, French nobleman

Francois de la Noue, whitened

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